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For some people sushi is an interesting and important type of food to eat on several occasions. In this case you can also eat it at any time. Even when you are in Riyadh. Given that there are many types of visitors in this city, it’s no wonder that there are some of the best sushi restaurants in Riyadh that you can refer to.
Each of these restaurants certainly has different service, categories and offerings. If you are a fan of sushi, you can try one by one from various restaurant names that will be discussed. And for more information, just go to the review below.

Nozomi Riyadh
For those who are looking for a sushi restaurant with a distinctive taste and indeed recommended, the Nozomi Riyadh is the best reference. Of course as the best in Riyadh, you need to place it first. There are lots of interesting offers and advantages offered by this restaurant so that it is only recommended.
When talking about the variety of menus, you can find Japanese menus, various sushi and Asian cuisine here too. Thus, it can be mentioned that this restaurant is indeed very suitable for the tongue of the Asian residents themselves. With a patient service, both your lunch and dinner can be very comfortable in this restaurant.

Best Sushi Restaurant in Riyadh

Tokyo Restaurant
The next name that is no less interesting to enjoy is the Tokyo restaurant with a variety of delicious menus that are also available. Still the same, this restaurant is perfect for Asian tongues because it provides Japanese, Asian and various sushi menus. So far, visitors are always satisfied with the services provided so it is highly recommended for you.

In addition, retsoran not only offers food for lunch and dinner, but also late at night. This restaurant is also perfect for those of you who are looking for a vegetarian-friendly menu in the Riyadh region with a typical Japanese category. And to get to know him directly, you can try to come to the restaurant.

The name of the best sushi restaurant in Riyadh next is Kampai. This restaurant will provide an equally good experience with a variety of menus offered. In this restaurant you can get various types of sushi and other Japanese specialties. Of course with a distinctive taste that is so delicious and ready to spoil your tongue.
Like the previous restaurant, in Kampai you can also enjoy dishes late at night. As for the service, here the staff are all friendly and will not disappoint you. Especially if you have seen a variety of reviews from previous visitors who are all perfect, then the comfort and satisfaction there will be guaranteed.

The last reference that can enter the mainstay list is Benihana. This restaurant offers a variety of categories as well. Starting from Japanese food, sushi, Asian cuisine and vegetarian friendly menus that are ready to be your choice. You can also choose a business package or some other packages that are available as needed at this restaurant.
That’s a list of the best sushi restaurants in Riyadh, all of which also offer Japanese and Asian specialties. One of them could be the answer to your confusion when looking for a sushi menu in Riyadh. The names of these restaurants can also be entered in the list of Riyadh culinary tours

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